Regal Cinemas To Screen “A Nightmare on Elm Street” on 02/12 For 35th Anniversary

The 1984 horror classic A Nightmare on Elm Street is coming back to Regal Cinemas on February 12. The screenings, advertised as being in celebration of the film’s 35th anniversary, will be at 7:30PM in what appears to be most if not all Regal locations.

Following the tradition of other rereleases at Regal, such as the Lord of the Rings RPX screenings from last year, tickets will be at a flat rate of $5. (That price may however vary depending on location and tax laws.)

Tickets are now available.

Given that Warner Bros. itself promoted the screenings and that the Lord of the Rings is also owned by Warner Bros., it appears that Regal has established a special partnership with the studio.

Screening licences for older films are often expensive and can cost several hundreds of dollars for a single screening. If the studio partners with a theater chain, that price may be reduced and lead to special engagements such as this.

Regal has also put a numbered art print as a reward for RCC members into their rewards shop.

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Image: Warner Bros.

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