Fathom Events Adds Two Additional “Gone With The Wind” Shows Due To “Very Strong Demand”

Gone With the Wind, which remains the top grossing film of all time adjusted for inflation, has been
rereleased every few years since 1947. This year marks the 80th anniversary of the classic. Flashback Cinemas brought the film back to some locations this January and Fathom was set to show the film for two days this year, February 28th and March 3rd after previously bringing it back for its 75th anniversary in 2015.

Now two additional shows were were added, one on March 17th and one on 18th. “The addition of the two “encore” dates is due to very strong audience demand for the title,” said a spokesperson for Fathom.

The showtimes are as follows, although they may vary by location:

February 28: 1PM and 6PM
March 3: 1PM and 6PM
March 17: 1PM
March 18: 6PM

Tickets can be found via the Fathom website. The show will include a four minute intermission.

Fathom is also partnering with TCM this year and has scheduled a number of films, such as To Kill a Mockingbird, Ben-Hur and Lawrence of Arabia, among others for Fathom shows throughout the year. The first of that series, The Wizard of Oz, has become the highest grossing classic for Fathom with over $2 million in revenue. Fathom’s 2015 shows for Gone With The Wind grossed $1.55 million.

Like other Civil War dramas produced in pre-civil rights America, the response to Gone With the Wind has changed from one of outright admiration to being chided for its romanticized depiction of Confederate society. Just in 2017, a theater in Mephis pulled screenings of the film after customers complained. The theater said it couldn’t show a film deemed “insensitive to a large segment of its local population”, which followed backlash on social media and right-wing websites.

Of course, Gone With The Wind is in essence a coming-of-age story whose main character’s commitment to the Confederacy is tepid. Other critically praised films that can be subject to similar controversy could include Birth of a Nation (1915), Triumph of the Will (1935) and Oliver Twist (1948), although arguably none of them are as popular as the 1939 Gone With The Wind.

In the 80 years since its release, the film has been rereleased in various forms all around the world. The demand for Fathom’s shows explains why that tradition isn’t likely to end soon.

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Image: Fathom Events / Warner Bros.

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