Fathom Events To Bring Back Original Batman Quadrology Into Theaters In May On 80th Comic Book Anniversary

On the 80th anniversary of Batman, Fathom Events is bringing both Tim Burton’s and Joel Schumacher’s versions back to U.S. theaters.

Below is a list of showtimes for each film, which are subject to change and may vary by location. As the shows haven’t been formally announced by Fathom yet, these are not guaranteed to be the exhaustive list of showtimes yet buy merely based on what some theaters have begun to sell.

Batman (1989)

Saturday, May 4
1PM and 4PM

Batman Returns (1992)

Monday, May 6
4PM and 7PM

Batman Forever (1995)

Sunday, May 12
1PM and 4PM

Batman and Robin (1997)

Tuesday, May 14
4PM and 7PM

Showtimes are not fully populated yet, although some AMC locations have begun sales. As with other Fathom events, showtimes may be added later on if there appears to be high demand.

Detective Comics 27, the first appearance of Batman, was released in March 1939 but had a printed publication date of May. This year marks the 80th anniversary of that initial appearance.

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight films are set to have one-night shows in four giant-screen IMAX locations this April, although multiple shows have already sold out.

As with other Fathom events, tickets come at a flat rate of $12.50 and are excluded from AMC’s A-List. An official announcement from Fathom can be expected sometime next week.

Image: Warner Bros.

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