AMC Theaters Website Now Allows Users To Revisit The Exact Trailers Shown Before Their Movie

America’s largest theater chain has set up a new online feature: revisiting trailers. AMC Stubs members who have purchased tickets through the company’s website or mobile app within the past two years are eligible to see which trailers played before their show.

To access, a user can go to “My AMC” and then “Tickets” on, where there should be a “Revisit Accompanying Trailers” option for past reservations. Once clicked on that option, a list of trailers appears. Below is an example.

When clicked on the “Revisit Accompanying Trailers” button.

Right now the option is only available for purchases made through the AMC website or app and not for ones made via third-party ticketing platforms such as Atom Tickets or Fandango. It can around 24 hours after a showtime for the feature to pop up and some shows, such as Fathom Events or other special engagements, may not be eligible. 

With each trailer there is an option to view it on the AMC website as well as to click a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘down’ button. That allows AMC to potentially send notifications to interested users closer to the film’s release- or ticket sale date and gain some insight into customer preferences. The feature was noticed by a reddit user and currently appears to be exclusive to the chain’s website.

Studios often make deals with theater chains to have their trailers attached to a particular feature. The studio behind the feature film also traditionally attaches two trailers of their own. In the case above, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Jumanji: The Next Level are both Sony films, so they were attached to Sony’s Spider-Man: Far From Home. The rest were likely requests and deals made between AMC and the respective studios.

AMC Theaters operates approximately 1,000 locations worldwide and is the largest theater chain in the United States.

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  1. i would also like the rating of the movie to apply to the trailers shown.
    going to a PG13 movie only to see rated R trailers is BS.

    1. Trailers themselves don’t really have ratings, they just have to be “approved” by the MPAA to be shown before a particular film.

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