Anthony Weiner Corrects Journalist Who Wrote That He Was “Carted Off” To Jail, Says He “Drove Himself”

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner, previously convicted of sexting a 15-year old girl, was recently released from a federal Massachusetts prison for good conduct and is seemingly enjoying his regained freedom.

So much so that he reads City & State, a news magazine dedicated to New York politics. In said outlet, a piece by the outlet’s CEO Tom Allen titled The Michael Cohen I know mentioned Weiner. Allen made the point of having had good relationships with people who were later disgraced, such as Cohen and Weiner.

To say that Cohen and I are friends would be an overstatement. But as a publisher of local publications over the years, I have collected a variety of professional relationships with the good, the bad and the ugly. I once asked Sydney Biddle Barrows, the recently indicted “Mayflower Madam” – so named for being a well-bred WASP running a prostitution ring on the Upper West Side – to be a sex columnist for my newspaper. I stayed in touch with Anthony Weiner until he was carted off to prison.

That last part however wasn’t entirely accurate. Weiner wasn’t “carted off” to jail – he drove himself. So Weiner contacted City & State and had the line corrected.

The piece now ends with the following footnote.

Correction: Anthony Weiner contacted City & State to point out that he was not carted off to jail, as was originally written. “I drove myself,” he said.

The sentence in the body of the article has also been corrected, now reading “I stayed in touch with Anthony Weiner until he went to prison”.

Before running for Mayor in 2013, Weiner served as a U.S. Congressman and prior as a City Councilman representing parts of New York City.

Weiner starred in the documentary hit Weiner and in the Asylum film Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!. He has reportedly been considering going into the marijuana business, although he can’t do so while on probation. Currently he is staying at a halfway house in the Bronx and may only use a flip-phone.

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