New “Shazam!” YouTube Ad Shows Zachary Levi Leap a Tall Building in a Single Bound

Days before the new trailer debuts, Warner Bros. has taken out an ad buy on YouTube for the upcoming Shazam!.

The 6-second ads show mostly the same or slightly extended footage seen in previous marketing for the film, with the exception of one in which Freddy Freeman makes a Superman reference.

This references the opening of the 1941 Superman cartoon.

The other YouTube ads can be found below.




The film has test screened in New York and Los Angeles on February 13. According to a source, what was shown then was an assembled but not fully finished cut. On March 6, the film will be test screened again in Los Angeles. Based on what we’ve heard from sources, the film has been getting positive reactions at those screenings.

According to Zachary Levi, Monday’s trailer is set to leave fans “very happy”. Shazam! opens on April 5th.

Image: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc

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