Shazam! Post-Credit Scene Descriptions Revealed (Spoilers)

Shazam! producer Peter Safran previously told Den of Geek that the film would “come complete with a bonus scene”. Per a source, we can now confirm that the film comes with two after-credit scenes.

The descriptions are below, but please note that they contain spoilers for Shazam!. If you intend not to see spoilers for Shazam!, then please do not continue reading.

The first, a mid-credit scene, teases a sequel to Shazam! whereas the second one, a post-credit scene, is of more comedic nature. To see the detailed descriptions of the scenes, simply and click the reveal buttons below.

Reveal Mid-Credit Scene Description (Spoiler)
Dr. Thaddeus Sivana (Mark Strong) sits in a prison cell and paints symbols of the seven deadly sins on the walls. Behind him is Mister Mind, one of Shazam’s primary foes from the comic books, who delivers a speech teasing the Monster Society of Evil.
Reveal Post-Credit Scene Description (Spoiler)
Shazam/Billy attempts to speak to fish as Freddy Freeman watches, but fails.

The second scene is an obvious reference to DC’s Aquaman and to Bruce Wayne’s “So you can talk to fish?” line from DC’s Justice League.

For those that expected a Superman cameo – have no worries. Superman does have a cameo in the movie. He is simply not in the after-credit scenes.

Shazam! is set to open on April 4th, with early Fandango screenings on March 28.

So far, the film has received positive feedback on social media from early screenings.

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Image: Warner Bros.

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