Suicide Squad Poster From 2016 Still Hangs At New York City Bus Stop In 2019

As the recently rehired James Gunn gears up to direct the sequel, a poster for the 2016 Suicide Squad continues to hang at a New York City bus stop almost three years after the film’s release.

A twitter user took a picture on March 10, 2019 showing a bus shelter on 76th Street and Broadway in Manhattan.

The shelter loudly and proudly promotes David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, a film that came out in August of 2016. That means as Wonder Woman, Justice League and Aquaman were playing in theaters across the world, this New York City bus stop was still promoting Suicide Squad.

Google Street View confirms that the poster has indeed been there for all this time. Images from September 2016 as well as August and October of 2017 show the same exact Suicide Squad banner at that very Upper West Side bus stop. Although the top part of the promo – the sheet only displaying the title – seems to have been removed.

A Google Street View capture of the location from September 2016.
A Google Street View capture of the location from August 2017.
A Google Street View capture of the location from October 2017.

The twitter user suspects that the company in charge of the shelters can’t find a way to remove the poster. Last year that company, JCDecaux, shut down over 1,000 shelters for inspection due to a collapsed location and suspicion of corroded bolts.

We’ve contacted JCDecaux and will update if they respond.

In the meantime, if you’re in the Upper West Side you might want to check out the stop and travel back in time to August of 2016. A time above, a time before.

Image: @michaeldobsonNZ

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