New 3-Minute “Dark Phoenix” Clip Has Magneto Scream “Get in the Chopper” as He Attempts to Stop Jean Grey

Fox has released a 3 minute and 2 second clip from the upcoming Dark Phoenix. The scene is an extended version of a previously released 1-minute clip at Magneto’s compound.


In this extended look, Jean Grey attempts to take control of a U.S. Army chopper with two soldiers inside. Magneto tries to stop her and the two compete for control. As he becomes unable to overpower Jean, he urges the Army officials to get into the chopper. The army manages to flee and Jean throws him into a stack of bikes afterwards.

The clip gives a glimpse into Hans Zimmer’s score as well as Jean Grey’s powers. From the dialogue, it appears that she attacks a squad of police officers earlier in the film, which causes the U.S. Army to look for her.

Dark Phoenix, which is set to be the last traditional, non-MCU X-Men film, opens in U.S. theaters on June 7. Disney’s distribution pattern can already be seen for this film, as there are fan events scheduled for an hour before traditional Tuesday night preview shows. Such exact fan events have so-far only been standard for Disney releases.

Tickets for the film are now available. If you’re interested in saving some money on those, T-Mobile Tuesday will offer free Atom Tickets codes that reduce prices for tickets to the film (including for premium formats) to $4. The promo is part of a deal Fox made with T-Mobile last year and will appear on June 4’s T-Mobile Tuesday.

The chopper scene is one of multiple clips released for the film. Others involve a space mission with the X-Men, a bar conversation between Jean and Jessica Chastain’s Smith and a standoff in New York between Magneto and Professor X.





Image: 20th Century Fox