Regal Cinemas Brings Back Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” and “Kill Bill” For Labor Day Weekend

Quentin Tarantino’s 9th film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, continues to flicker in multiplexes around the world. In the middle of that run, Regal will bring back three of Tarantino’s previous films: Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and Kill Bill: Vol. 2.

The films will be shows at various showtimes between Friday, August 30 and Wednesday, September 4 with tickets priced at $6. All shows will be in Regal’s premium format – RPX. Prices and showtimes may vary slightly by location.

The bring back will also put Once Upon a Time in Hollywood back into RPX theaters. The showtimes are spread out differently throughout each day as is common with Regal’s rereleases. This is done to allow people with various schedules to see all four movies. However, some may also choose to do a marathon.

Below is the schedule:

Friday August 30th
Kill Bill: Vol 1. at 12pm, Kill Bill: Vol. 2 at 3PM, Once Upon… at 6pm and Pulp Fiction at 10pm

Saturday August 31st
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 at 12pm, Kill Bill Vol. 2 at 3PM, Pulp Fiction at 6pm and Once Upon… at 10PM

Sunday September 1st
Once Upon… at 12pm, Pulp Fiction at 3-4pm, Kill Bill: Vol. 1 at 7pm and Kill Bill: Vol. 2 at 10pm

Monday September 2nd
Pulp Fiction at 12PM, Kill Bill: Vol. 1 at 3-4pm, Kill Bill: Vol. 2 at 6pm, Once Upon… at 9-10pm

Tuesday September 3rd
Kill Bill: Vol 1. at 12pm, Kill Bill: Vol. 2 at 3PM, Once Upon… at 6pm and Pulp Fiction at 10pm

Wednesday September 4th
Once Upon… at 12pm and Pulp Fiction at 3-4pm.

Disclaimer: Please note that exact times vary by location. Example: some theater may have 12:05pm instead of 12pm. Make sure to check your local listings. “3-4pm” for instance refers to some theaters having the movie at 3pm and some at 4pm, but all have it in as the second movie of the day. Please check your local listings for exact showtimes that apply to your location.

On September 4th, there are no other Tarantino shows as a rerelease of It: Chapter 1 is taking over RPX screens for the rest of that day before the release of the sequel.

Over Labor Day, Regal will also bring this summer’s most popular films back into its few 4DX screens. Among those are Avengers: Endgame, John Wick: Chapter 3 and Aladdin.

The shows are marked with a “TF” in front of them, which standards for the Tarantino film series. The 4DX titles are marked with a “SB”, which stands for the summer bring backs.

Tickets for all of these are now available through Regal’s website, Tickets for the Tarantino RPX shows are priced at $6 each and the 4DX shows at $10 each (both possibly varying slightly by location due to various tax laws).

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The entrance to an RPX auditorium.
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